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Audiobooks and You

fjtt-fb-audiobookFrom Johann to Tannenbaum – Audiobook.


On the eve of wrapping up my very first audiobook, I’ve come out of this a lot wiser. As an indie author, everything is our responsibility–well, FINDING everything is our responsibility. I can say that my experience with audiobook production was a lot more pleasant than with editors-searching. With any talent, there are good ones and bad, advantages and disadvantages. As always, vet your freelancer.

I didn’t know anything about making an audiobook but they do take time, and of course, a skilled voice actor.

I was fortunate enough to find a very talented voice actor who made this book real. He can act, he can sing, hell, he could even do female voices. That, mixed in with the patience of a saint, and we’ve got a winner. Here’s a sample of his voice, and I think there’s no denying, he brought this book to life. Stephen Ridgewood did an amazing job.


HOW TO MAKE AN AUDIOBOOK (sometimes for Free)

Audiobooks can take some time to make; anywhere from weeks to months.

Here’s the first rule; don’t live anywhere but America.

That’s right, this service (though showing Niel Gaiman on the website) isn’t yet available to international authors. So unless you have a literary agent or publisher in America, you probably won’t be able to participate. But if you do, then please continue on.

The first thing you need to do is have your book on amazon in some way (kindle, paperback, etc.) Then head over to is the back end of From there, you can ‘search for my title’ after you’ve set up an account. You can then post your book and make it available for auditions.

You have two options:

  • 50/50% royalty Share*
  • Hire at an hourly rate.

*Starting in March, it will change to 60/40 share.

If you go with the royalty share, authors essentially put no money down and a voice actor produces the book without any charge. Then when any titles sell, they are able to get a portion of the royalties. Should you use this feature, (if your books sell well already), please contact acx and ask for a ‘stipend’. They will pay the voice actors a fee for the production, as it is a risky endeavor should there be a low return.

However you get from point A to B, you’ll learn a lot along the way.