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Typo Party Contest!

This Party Has Ended. Results Here.

Start: April 1, 2015 – End: May 1, 2015


Self-Editing On a Penny

Read, Nab, Win

Many people dream to become writers, and although self-publishing is a viable option, the cost of editing is still staggering. There’s a reason for the high cost, however, editors are people, too. They do important work, they do time-consuming work, and they deserve every penny they get as payment. Some even go above and beyond the call of duty.

Even editors can agree that some of the manuscripts they encounter give them quite a workout. When an author self-edits before seeking out professional editing, everyone wins. Should an author have no means to pay the high cost of editing, then self-edits are better than no edits at all.

A lot of indie authors work themselves to death trying to get their work edited well. The book “Self-Editing on a Penny” offers cost-effective ways to edit. One method featured for catching straggler typos is a Typo Party Contest.

A Typo Party Contest is a lot of things, but it is not proofreading. An author can invite possible readers, and fellow writers, to read the EDITED ARC (Advanced Reviewer Copy) of a book. The ideal is a typo-free book, but as proofreaders are human, chances are, one or two straggler typos will pop up. If a reader spots any typos and submits that information, he/she can win a paperback version of this book as well as a $30.00 amazon gift card.

Here’s how it works.

For a limited time (1 month), the eBook for “Self-Editing on a Penny: A Comprehensive Guide” will be available for FREE. You have one month to simply read it for leisure. Any and all typos you find, submit them. At the end of 30 days, we will tally up the typos and see who’s found the most.


This is NOT proofreading

Your task is not to professionally proofread this book in any way. This book has already been proofread. Your only task is to read it, as you would any other book, and if you find a missed typo (which you really should not find), then submit it.


How To

Step 1: Read “Self-Editing on a Penny.”

Step 2: Submit your typos via web form on please use this format:

  • Chapter 1: He laid down in the sand. -> He LAY down in the sand. [always capitalize the error(s)]
  • Chapter 1: “….readers often over prologues…” -> “…readers often OVERLOOK prologues…”

Step 3: Submit as many times as you’d like, but always submit your ENTIRE list, do not ‘tack on’ errors you’ve discovered at a later date. If you find 3 errors then see a 4th days later, send your 1-4 list, not the 4th error by itself.


Self-Editing on a PennyPrizes

All participants are eligible: Even if you feel you cannot win, should you participate even once, you are eligible for a 25% discount coupon on the official paperback copy.

Participate AND Review on Goodreads (good or bad): you are eligible for a 50% discount coupon on the official paperback copy.

1st place Winner (Goodreads review is NOT required): you are eligible for a FREE copy of the official paperback WITH a $30 Amazon™ Gift Card.



Sign Up Here:

Sign up for this contest has ended. The winner will be announced May 15th. Thank you.